Jobs for Digital Nomads

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Jobs for Digital Nomads

One of the many perks of living the nomadic lifestyle is being able to work while you travel! But how do you make money while being location independent? All you need is some dedication, oh, and a decent internet connection. Here’s our list of some of the best jobs for digital nomads to have the financial freedom to travel to their heat’s desires.

Teaching online as a job for Digital nomads

Online Teacher / Tutor

No matter your education background there is someone out there that you could help teach. English teachers are always needed around the world as the language becomes ubiquitous. But, of course, there are plenty of other subjects you could teach or tutor students like: math, science, history, etc…

But how to do find students to teach? You can find local students that need help by making a post on your local Craigslist. But there are websites specifically dedicated to match teachers and tutors with students. These services usually have things like background checks that help a parent feel safer in hiring someone to teach their child. 

Here are Some Online Teaching / Tutoring Services:


Q Kids


Voice Over Artist

Do you have the sweet voice and can pull off being a professional voice over artist? A voice over artist could do a variety of different types of gigs. You could narrate videos, narrate audio books, voice over video game characters, animation voice over etc… And the best part is you just need a decent microphone and internet connection to send your completed audio files to your clients.

There are plenty of free audio recording programs you can use like the open-source program Audacity. And you can find gigs on any of the freelance websites like Fiverr, Vemploy, Upwork or Freelancer. Fiverr even has a whole section for voice over work you can find – here.

Web Development / Design

It may take quite a bit of training and schooling to learn how to develop a website. But if you already know how, or are willing to put in the time to learn, this could be the job for you! If you learn how to use website Content Management Services, or CMS, this can help you create a website much faster and without the need to learn how to code. CMS’s are usually drag-and-drop or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) making it very easy to learn how to make a great looking website.







Graphic Designer

If you’re gifted artistically you could make a living as a graphic designer. You could make all kinds of art for people digitally. You could design a logo, t-shirts, music album covers, illustrations, and whatever else you can think of. The options are truly endless!

Now that you know you can make some awesome graphic designs, you’ll need to get some work. To get gigs for your graphic designs, you could use several different free lance websites like Fiverr, Vemploy, Upwork or Freelancer.


Writers are consistently needed to write content for all different kinds of media, and you don’t need a constant internet connection! If you know your language well and can use correct grammar, you could get paid to help write content for other people or companies. The job options can really vary for writers. You could write articles for a website or blog. Or maybe you have a management background and you could help write resumes and cover letters for people. Or maybe something like speech writing or script writing is more up your alley. If you have a good grasp on multiple languages, you could even translate writing as a job.

Whatever interests you you can probably find a job writing about it for someone. The best places I would look for writing gigs are the main few freelance websites (Fiverr, Vemploy, Upwork, Freelancer) but I’ve had some good luck getting local writing gigs using good ol’ Craigslist for the communities I traveled through.

Proof Reader / Editor

Do you have a great grasp on your language and you can spot a typo a mile a way? Proof reading or editing what other people have written might be one of the best jobs for digital nomads. College students are great clients for this job, and there are colleges all over the US. They will pay what little they have to get their papers proof read, especially during finals.

During college finals is great time to get some extra money in your pocket. Of course you can’t rely on just college kids to get you income. You could also proof read full books for people getting ready to publish. There are several places online you can get proof reading and editing gigs including Fiverr, Vemploy, Upwork, Freelancer, and Craigslist.

Video editing as a job for digital nomads.

Video Editor

With faster growing internet speeds across the world the demand for video content just gets higher. Companies need people to edit and put together videos for several different platforms all at once. And each one of those different platforms have different videos dimensions and quality. You could edit videos for a company’s social media accounts or “stories” and of course for YouTube too. This is one of the fast growing industries when it comes to jobs for digital nomads.

However, when it comes time to send your video to your client you will need a pretty decent internet connection. Some hot-spots just won’t be able to handle uploading large videos. If your internet just can’t handle the larger videos you could make just video intros and outros for people’s videos instead of the whole video.

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