Van Life

Living the Van Life can be the most free-ing feeling as a traveler. There are so many more possibilities that open up to you when you travel in a vehicle as compact as a van. You don’t really have to worry about underpass height limits, bridge weight limits, or parking spots! Van Life can also be a lot more inconspicuous, allowing you to have a bit more freedom when stopping through towns on your travels. You don’t have to have a super expensive sprinter van to live the Van Life. You could life in an SUV, minivan, camper van or even a Prius! All of the articles below pertain to living the van life. If there’s an article you’d like us to write, send us a message!

Different kinds of vans for full time travel

Are you interested in traveling full time in a van instead of a RV, Skoolie or Tiny Home? I’m going to go over the different vans for full time travel to help you decide which van is the best fit for you. Learn the pros and cons of all the different vans for full time travel.

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Downsides to the Nomadic Lifestyle

Just like anything else in life, living the nomadic lifestyle has its upsides and its downsides. But for the purpose of our article today, we are going to focus on the nitty gritty downsides to the nomadic lifestyle.

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Class B RV Campground

How to Set Up at an RV Campsite

When you first get to your campsite with your RV it takes a little bit of time to set up your site, especially if you are newer to camping at RV campsites. Once you get used to these steps it will become a breeze!

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