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RVs are great for families and people that want a pre-built, ready-to-travel home on wheels. Learn all about traveling in an RV from Go Nomadic Life!

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If you have the time and money, you can build the home of your dreams using a school bus as your foundation. Learn all about Skoolie living and the nomadic lifestyle right here!


Van Life is perfect for the traveler that doesn’t need a lot of space. Find parking and get to more discrete places easier traveling in a van. Learn all about Van Life here on Go Nomadic Life!

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Downsides to the Nomadic Lifestyle

Just like anything else in life, living the nomadic lifestyle has its upsides and its downsides. But for the purpose of our article today, we are going to focus on the nitty gritty downsides to the nomadic lifestyle.

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Ready to Camp?

Are you ready to go camping and explore the world? In our camping section we have articles all about camping. You don’t have to be living the nomadic lifestyle to enjoy a weekend camping! 

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