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There are many different types of digital nomads. But they all have one thing in common. Living a nomadic or location independent lifestyle while generating income from a digital means. This could mean very different lifestyles depending on what your skill set is. For example, someone who lives traveling on farms and writing a blog for their income would be considered a digital nomad. Also, someone who travels the world but they make their income by selling products. Maybe they own an Amazon Store. That would also be considered a digital nomad. The common ground is being able to travel and still live a decent monetary lifestyle. Eliminating the need to conform to “traditional” employment opportunities. Essentially digital nomads are small business owners that can run their business from any location. Of course, as long as there is internet a long the way.

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Why Become a Digital Nomad?

It’s not just sitting at the beach all day on your laptop. People don’t just pay you to write more and more articles for your blog. It’s actually quite the opposite.. Don’t get me wrong, the digital nomadic lifestyle has many benefits to it. And I truly think they outweigh the downfalls. But, it’s definitely not for everyone. It can be very difficult at times. And just like anything else in life, you have to be prepared. You can’t just buy a website domain and then the next month start making a steady income on a blog; it takes time. The important part of being a digital nomad is that you need to make sure you can actually make a steady income. Before you just go out and live in your car down by the river.

How to Make Money as a Digital Nomad

From blogging to doing online marketing, or even making your own crafts for sale on Etsy. The income opportunities are endless. The first step is choosing which one of these income paths you want to go down. Even if you have no experience doing much online you can still become a successful small business. And you can sustain a simple life on the road. But, of course, the money doesn’t just start pouring in. Patience is key in the nomadic lifestyle. I suggest building up your business before you start living on the road full time. It’s extremely difficult to balance a location independent lifestyle and starting a brand new business. If you want to know more about making money while on the road, check out our article about 7 Jobs for Digital Nomads.

Where is “Home” on the Road?

Each person has a different life situation and past leading them to the nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes, this mean you could have debt piled up, car payments overdue etc… People living the nomadic lifestyle have very different living situations. Digital nomads can live in Tiny Homes, Skoolies, Vans, and even RVs. Some are even couch surfers or live in hostels or AirBnB’s. The options are truly endless. It can be difficult living in a new location all of the time. But it helps a little bit when you have a mobile home. That’s why many digital nomads live in some sort of vehicle. 

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